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Estate Planning

Your wealth, your hard work, and your vision should never be diminished by poor planning. We guide our clients through essential planning for their assets.

Employment Law

Workplaces are not immune from legal concerns. Feelings of being harassed, diminished, or treated unfairly, usually stem from something real. Injuries happen in the best of circumstances. We can walk through your personal claims and find the proper legal resolution.

Bankruptcy Law

Even in the best of times, financial situations go astray. The US economy has taken a pummeling in 2020 and it will be the individual consumers and small businesses that will face direct and dire financial consequences. Bankruptcy is a financial decision that allows for your debt to become manageable. It is not an "end of the road" is your "turning point". Let us walk you through your options.

Entertainment Law

With an operational background in key parts of the music industry, our firm can provide guidance on contract management and best practices. Ask about personal representation.

Notary Public

For oaths, affirmations, and signatures, we will provide notary services.

Family & LGBTQ+ Law

Relationships are the cornerstone of legal disputes. And families are nothing but relationships. When one sours, life becomes more complicated, and certainly tensions can rise. Our firm works closely with our clients so they understand not only what has happened, but all of the likely outcomes as they proceed. Knowledge overcomes most fears and we provide that to our clients.



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