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      Born and raised in Ohio, Kevin has also had the chance to live and work in many other states. His childhood took him to North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Indiana, giving him a well-rounded view of the Midwest and its dedicated work ethic. After earning his economics degree from Kent State, he found opportunity in Virginia. Working for a shipline and a major seaport, he learned that international connections are at our own doorstep. Bringing that knowledge back to Ohio, he applied it as he managed compliance programs for a steel manufacturer while simultaneously earning a law degree from the University of Akron School of Law.


     Kevin and his wife, Leigh Ann, have been married 8 years and have 5 daughters between them. After his first wife, Stephanie, passed away from her longtime illness, Kevin continued to raise her daughter, Elyse, who he was able to adopt many years earlier. Those years gave Kevin an empathy for those in unfortunate, or tragic situations in life. He now has an appreciation as well for integrated families and the struggles they face. Being a stepdad to 4 girls has also given him patience and a quick sense of humor. Kevin and Leigh Ann support LGBTQ+ family members, from learning how to talk about sensitive issues to joining in on parade activities. They believe that family support and love is critical to success for us all.


     While in Virginia, Kevin discovered that the Burwell family is traced back to the early days of the founding of Jamestown. Lewis Burwell was an early Governor of the colony of Virginia and the famous Carter’s Grove Plantation was owned for centuries by the Burwell family. Not to be left out, but his maternal grandfather immigrated through Ellis Island as a young boy from his hometown of Ansbach, Bavaria in the early 1920’s. This grandfather went on to find success starting several businesses and playing piano for many of the stars of the Big Band Era. This appreciation of how all of us have arrived in this country colors Kevin’s approach to cross-border relations and local entrepreneurs.


     From his early teens, Kevin has played drums. Never as well as he would like, but good enough to make it fun. As a teen, Kevin spent some time on his cousin’s oversized drumkit, learning all that he could. Today, Kevin still works to improve, while his cousin has become one of the most notable drummers of all time. This gives Kevin the appreciation that while not all of us have the same skills and capabilities, we can still enjoy as a hobby what others do as a profession. And that is also his excuse for playing a round of golf every now and again.



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